We work for passionate people


We Are Square

A design firm in Houston Texas, made up of passionate content creators and talented developers with a need to simplify the way design is integrated in business.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is. We think in one mode. BIG!

Focused Experience

With 20+ years of design experience and hands in a variety of Creative Skillsets, we strive to be the Authority in Creative Problem Solving.

An Efficient Design Process

We want to spend more time working on a project than we do talking about it. Our Design Process has been simplified and engineered to maximize output.

Concepts are turned around quicker and revisions are reduced to single digits all while maintaining uniqueness and an excellent quality control.

Constant Communication

All projects are assigned a Creative Director. He or She is there to predict obstacles and to establish realistic expectations. We keep you in the loop with task notifications, asset reminders and will only set calls as needed.

Your Creative Department

If you COULD hire a team of local designers, developers and digital content creators with ongoing expertise in your brand without going through a long hiring and on-boarding process, WOULD you?

We aim to be just that. No huff, no fuss, just high quality concepts and user driven design.

New online store in the works.