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Ok, so who is Square Design Firm?

We are a digital marketing and design firm in Houston, Texas and we want to be on your team.

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Who we are

We are creators who translate ideas and simplify intent through various digital mediums using traditional and non-traditional methods. Square is a design firm that specializes in digital marketing to improve and expand our products and services.

Who do we work for

We work for you! The solopreneurs, influencers, entrepreneurs and small marketing teams with or without their own in-house designers. We want to build your brand, website and improve your online presence.

Our mission

Square’s mission is to provide scalable design services at a competitive rate without compromising great design.

We strive to translate ideas and optimize the design process with a business oriented creative workforce. We offer accessible creative solutions to businesses who truly care about intentional user driven design and sustainability.

Our vision

To become a digital partner with a global creative workforce servicing individuals and small to large businesses around the world.
We aim to create new creative markets while promoting intentional design as a commodity with a focus on sustainability.

The culture at Square

Our company values creativity, honesty, communication, passion, productivity and self-growth.

Square design language

The design language

There is a lot of noise out there.

Our design language is best spoken in three tones.
Minimalism, balance and simplicity.
We use subtle shadows and textures that add depth to elements while representing content and imagery with full clarity.

Focused Experience

With 20+ years of design experience and hands in a variety of Creative Skillsets, we strive to be the Authority in Creative Problem Solving.

An Efficient Design Process

We want to spend more time working on a project than we do talking about it. Our Design Process has been simplified and engineered to maximize output.

Concepts are turned around quicker and revisions are reduced to single digits all while maintaining uniqueness and an excellent quality control.

Constant Communication

All projects are assigned a Creative Director. He or She is there to predict obstacles and to establish realistic expectations. We keep you in the loop with task notifications, asset reminders and will only set calls as needed.